Past – Truth or a Trick !

The other day I was at this intense discussion session with a close friend of mine and the topic arose – What are your thoughts on past ?

I was too much into the discussion and immediately wanted to jump onto my side of thought story but i paused and listened. Today while i pen this down i feel happy that I did not go for the “Me First Me First” race and let him talk as it lead me to believe more in the concept of Life Near You – looking on the other side of story.

 The Other Side:

What is Truth? Something we believe and acknowledge to be actual, factual and recorded down the memory lane or probably history books. Something we would not have encountered or witnessed in our life time or probably we might have. Something told to us from a known/unknown or any source we believe to be true-  analogy of being true or truth is quite confusing, right? not trying to skew your thoughts towards my side here 🙂

So what is the living truth on which we have a rock solid belief of its existence. The words were going down too heavy on me but luckily i endured 😉

Ah, came the golden words i was patiently waiting for – It is the Past My Friend, our very own Past.  It is the only living truth which is evident of our breath.

Suddenly it dawned upon me that i have already lost this bet. The argument was too strong to be rebutted, Past, really? could it be that simple to define. Wow !

The more he put weight into this thought the more i was sinking into this fresh perspective.

Past – let’s look back on what we individually know. I know what i have witnessed or grown on in my life time. Well that’s the truth of my life, isn’t it?

Can i, even for a second, deny my past or prove it to be false? Can i say whatever i have been through was a dream and not real?

I had to jump on this one and showcase my abilities of slipping through catchy phrases 🙂

I proudly countered. Yes, i can say that whatever i have been through was a dream. Life has been a dream come true. Yay! I almost had it and was on The Scoring Side. Well then came a subtle blow, right into my face.

Dreams are not meant to be true hence they are called dreams. And when dreams come true they become a reality. If your past was a dream which became true then you my friend have been blessed with a reality which is The Living Truth itself, Your Past!

Wow! I had too many counters today. I just sipped my coffee in defeat and enlightenment. Enlightenment of what life Around You teaches.

This moment taught me that i have to “think beyond, for everything is “In & Around You”.

Welcome to The Life – the Life Near You !


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