Inner Peace – Life Near You!

Inner Peace, hmm, heavy term isn’t it? Last time i heard it, was in Kung Fu Panda!

Ever wondered what is it? How to get it? Most importantly how is it linked to Life Near You?

Please don’t look for answers here. If i knew i wouldn’t be writing this 🙂 rather would have been preaching somewhere.

We are here to explore a possible path to it. Hear me out and maybe our thoughts echo.

I usually try to look and gaze around while i am driving through the city roads. Everyday i wait at a lot of traffic signals, we all do. But not once i wondered about this fresh perspective or a learning a traffic signal could impart.

Sharing one of such instances here.

At one of such traffic signals, there were couple of kids playing at the side pavement. The happy faces, soothing smile and that sheer innocent laugh was hard to miss.

I started pondering as to what is the reason behind all this in absolute adversity- no roof, no comforting walls or place called home, no fans, no Ac’s, even basic amenities are missing and almost nothing that makes one or most of us happy. Kept thinking the entire time and indeed it was long. (Yes, i am one of those lucky office goers who travel all the way from Delhi to Gurgaon and spend half of our lives on road. Beautiful roads we have  🙂 )

The more time it took the more inquisitive i got as i was now looking at all such happy faces at each traffic signal i halted. The anxiety was now building and thoughts kept wandering in the sea of doubts – am i really doing the right thing?  am i not happy? seriously? , really ? dude where am i heading in life? Do i laugh these days? can i laugh like them? when was the last time i laughed with such innocence or heartily?

Trust me, the results were both disheartening and way atrocious to shake my inner self and then for a brief moment it struck me- can it be really? is it the same thing? is it what all of us desire? could they achieve it with so ease? Wow! Am i really decoding it?

I am not sure if i am right but i guess they were at Peace with their inner self- The Inner Peace.

It’s all about the Life Near You!

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