Question still remains – What To Do?

Life has become so fast that we hardly get time to introspect  or cull out a moment for ourselves. I wish to go to Himalayas and open a peaceful coffee shop overlooking the hills with lot of books but like i said “I WISH”.

We are keeping ourselves so occupied that we are completely oblivious to this important question which is tagged to us indefinitely – What to do?

I started noticing this when i began with the concept of Life Near You.

Look around and you will find this to be part of our daily lives. Still confused?

“Kya Karoon” might sound familiar. All of us are doing one thing or the another. We might love what we do or just doing for the sake of keeping our lives afloat. But all of us keep saying “kya karoon”, “aur kya karoon”, “issse zyada kya karoon”, iska kya karoon” etc etc.

Hope i am starting to make sense 🙂

There is this one moment in the day which startles us and pushes us to utter these invisible words in our mind – Kya karoon!

It has become a subconscious thought in our minds but we hardly dwell on this or let it affect us. The other day i was at this critical business deal and everything was set but suddenly things got delayed out of nowhere – no reasons, no hiccup, no empty patches, no fallout, absolutely nothing.

And i was left wondering to myself- what to do now? Ab kya karoon, Ab aur kya karoon?

Let this simple question push you to resolve complex scenarios and bring more solutions on board. This is what life teaches us – to keep moving forward.

Life as we all know – it’s Life Near You!

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