GOD’s Eye

The All Seeing Eye as the Freemasons called it, which we all fear, respect, adore or worship is a shrouded mystery.

Are we being constantly watched by a super being/ power beyond our controls? Are we being controlled or made to act in a certain way? Are we the many channels of GODs eye?

Is it really what people tell us? Is it restricted to the knowledge of those GOD men? Is meditation the route to unite with this mystical power?

Keep pondering and it will churn out to be a never ending theory.

But the question still remains- Is there a need to actually decipher it?

Why are we running after it? Why can’t we think beyond and do our deeds and let the universe decide which way to act.

I am just a confused mind thinking of whatever we refuse to acknowledge or do not find answers to.

Once a while we should ponder to look around us and understand life as it is.

I believe Life itself will lead to the sole purpose of being GODs eye or to become the purpose it intends us to be for you have it in you and you are The Life Near You!

P.S. I am an atheist and love to keep an open eye. Maybe one day we all find our purpose and beliefs.

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