The Holy Cow

This one describes the theme itself 🙂 The Mother of all following a particular religious sect – Hinduism.

An animal loved and hated so much that it seems to lose its own identity. Does anyone know anything or remember anything about cows like we do about other animals prior to this “Holy” tag. Well, I don’t.

I know lions are predominantly hunters and have always been hunters. It is also known as King of jungle but cows, only milk and religion. A mute and harmless animal dragged in the most fierce battle of religions. Sometimes milked, sometimes slaughtered, sometimes revered and sometimes fed, all in the name of religion. We have really evolved from Apes?

This ain’t going to be a religious debate. I am here to share a different perspective to see life from a fresh angle.

Few people also believe that cows could be useful in curing lot of medical ailments. I could not wait and yelled out “guys let the cow be”.

Imagine the sheer celebrity status enjoyed by that poor animal – News channels, Films, discussion and now medical fraternity. It is all over the place.

Yet we see them on roads peacefully eating grass and dumping wherever they can but well no Cameras mate !

We should click pictures with any cow we pass through as you never know which one features on prime time 🙂 just kidding!

They are like hit and flop movies. Few get the fame and feature on religious magazine covers and even cow shelters where thousands throng to feed them but few alias are like flop movie rangers moving from road to road struggling to earn food and shelter.  Its just the producers game 🙂 Bigger the producer bigger the show and bingo !

Just a different take for all of us to think.

Peace out – Life Near You!


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