That one moment.

This one’s going to be a bit heavy.

I keep writing about Life Near You in different shapes and forms but haven’t touched an important aspect of our lives that connects us with our surroundings. That aspect i feel is Trust.

With or without it there is always a connect. Some say this connect is an experience, some say a hunch, some say it is purely driven by faith, some term it as a coy, some probably a gut feeling, wiser one’s 😉 term it as an instinct or sixth sense, some a mutual admiration, some an inborn thing and some a hard earned quality. There are many connotations but what actually is this connect which we term as Trust?

Well i ain’t a wiser one or a fool to confine this beautiful emotion in a definition. It is a vast subject in itself which i believe would be difficult to address. Nonetheless i am going to try working on a small fragment of it – That One Moment.

There is one particular moment which leads us to realize this emotion “Trust”. Do we really trust? Is it trustworthy ? It is immaterial if it is a living form or non-living just the fact that there is one particular moment which brings this emotion to light.

The strength, the belief and the confidence exhaled once this emotion engulfs you is a force to reckon. Beware, for it brings another strong emotion with it, Fear. Stronger the Trust stronger is the Fear. We might not acknowledge but it resides right along Trust. We refuse to acknowledge Fear because we Trust. Fear of losing Trust is the first one that hits the emotional wave. Here also it is That One Moment which makes it or breaks it.

We look around and keep finding this Trust so that we can long for it, gain from it and live by it. We trust in our gardener, we trust in our driver, we trust in our family, we trust in everyone we know but we also fear losing it with each one of them no matter how significant their role might be in our lives.

So look around and enjoy this emotion and the strength it brings along while it lasts. For life never plays fair that’s why its called life- The Life Near You.

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