Life in a Scream!

Yes, you read it right! “Scream” as perfectly described within the gambits of noise.

Admit it or not, we all scream or have screamed in our lifetimes.It’s mostly related to rage or anger or a similar behavioral sentiment, isn’t it?

Spare me a moment here and tag along on this new perspective about “Scream”.
This happened during a holiday trip when i stumbled upon this very uncommon way of looking at the “scream sentiment”.
I was accompanied by a couple and a kid of 2 years. Kids as usual scream but ironically this kid was relatively calm and screamed only when utmost required.
Yes, unlike naughty kids of today’s generation this kid was far more on the peaceful side and busy with his own chores.

In between a casual game of cards he suddenly screamed while jumping on the bed and bang my mind stumbled upon this thought. For a moment i was lost in the scream, mind absolutely blank with eyes towards the kid. Before the mind ran into those concerned thoughts of what happened to the kid, I was completely lost. I wanted to hold onto that moment for it was so precious as it created a void which was point blank empty and i was at this heavenly trip of nirvana away from all worldly thoughts or worries occupying my mind.

I was like WOW, what happened with his scream? I could sense a void so powerful that i felt elated. I know i should have been more concerned or rush towards the kid but that fraction of moment was so different and enticing that i just held onto it till i could.

It made me think how, i mean how can a simple scream be so powerful to swipe the mind clean but alas it did.

So, keep looking at simple things in life and you will be surprised on the outstanding results.

So be it.
Scream & Live The Life Near You!

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