Connecting Thoughts.

Mystical or imaginative it may sound, but we do have connecting thoughts with people we would have never met or known our entire lives.

It might sound like a cliche but ‘Yes’ you tend to think alike. You might be unique in many different ways but somewhere your thoughts tend to align with someone somewhere. Never thought about it? or is it a usual thing? It might sound practical to a few considering the population numbers.  It might also be hard to digest that you actually do not fit in the “Unique” cadre anymore:)

But this is quite common if you start noticing with simple things around you. For instance, you are sitting at a coffee place and about to place order when your thoughts tend to align with your mood and bang the word “Cappuccino” comes out. No wait for a moment, let it be Frappe or something on a colder side, ah why not Hot chocolate. OK,let it be cappuccino then. Incidentally the person accompanying you also orders cappuccino or maybe the next order in line when you are waiting for your’s.

Does it occur to you that you might have helped him make that choice? or were you both thinking alike on having the same coffee? Is the cafe known for that coffee or is the most regular one that people order?

Let’s look at another instance. You are standing at a red light and there’s no other car on other sides of cross section. You observe around, feel secure to jump the red light and push the pedal to jump the signal. Well you ain’t alone, people beside you also follow for they made the same decision. Were they also following the same chronological order of events while you were at it? Yes, there is a possibility.

What about Love? I can sense the interest now 🙂 Don’t two people think alike when they decide to be together? I know the devil’s side of Mars and Venus and the biological drama of how two people connect in Love but you would at-least agree that there is a “connect”.

Citing this premise, we all need to enhance this connect and understand the world in a better way for we all make it and we all shall alone survive it!

Signing off – Live & Become the Life Near You!

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