Fighting the even’s!

Do you find the title strange? Does it sound familiar but a bit different? Oh, is it a typo? Was I gonna write something else? Did i accidentally do it? Or am i not aware of the actual proverb?

Rest all your thoughts fellows, I wrote it intentionally to explore and take you through a different perspective- fighting the even’s.

We all corroborate the word “odd” to something different from usual, hence the famous proverb of ‘Fighting the Odds’ came into being.  One who fights the odds wins over the greatest fears and ……… do the wise one’s speak but i ain’t a wise one 🙂

Pause for a moment and look around you. Sense, observe and think that is it really the odds that we need to fight or the ‘Usual’. I would like to take this opportunity to coin ‘Usual’ as ‘Even’ here so that it looks more dramatic and imposes impact when we say “Fighting the Even’s” 🙂 Have to keep using these tips and tricks to be a more heavy writer, atleast this is what i have been hearing around. So, Voila – lets fight the even’s for today!

Have we ever thought that majority of our life is routine driven and is full of usual stuff. Office, traffic, family, friends, remorse, anxiety, frustrations, fights, ego, technology, drama, air, water, pollution, government, country, love, news, festivals,communication, brands, money etc are all usual and routine life. Where are the odds?  These are the even’s we need to fight and rise above to make life more meaningful.

Simply by picking one even event daily and improvising will make it into a happy event and bring a positive change in life. Instead of looking at the odds, we need to focus on today’s evens to iron out the crests & troughs of Life. Let Life bring forth as many evens as possible, we will improvise and move further.  Let us call our evens as odds and fight everyday for everyday is what needs to be lived and cherished.

Someone has rightly said that Today is a Present and what makes Today is ‘US’. ‘US’ is the evens of life that make our Today so complete the circle of life and Live to not brave the odds but to brave the evens of life.

Peace Out – Life Near You!


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