Let there be Light !

A Dramatic title, ain’t it 🙂

I first heard it in the Spider man movie when young spidey’s uncle finished putting up the lamp and said “And God said let there be light” more or less if i remember it correctly.

Little did i understood the significance of this dialogue then. You must be wondering what made me recall this after so many years? It ain’t an accident for sure.

Recently there has been lot of hoopla around Diwali, the so called “festival of lights”. Firecrackers were banned to save the environment, awareness campaigns were run to preserve the dampening air quality and what not.

I was standing at my balcony and saw these distinguished and beautifully lit row houses. No doubt the view was breathtaking but as a keen observant of life around me i could not help but wonder – Does God really want us to lighten up the way we have been doing all these years?

I just absorbed the moment and kept on noticing around the entire Diwali-  if’s and but’s of lighting.

Undoubtedly, banning the firecrackers, was a wise decision and saved many a health hazards and environment alike. But so much lighting just to please the God and Goddess, was it really worth?

Let’s keep the religion aside and focus on simple things of routine. Entire year around, we try and save on electricity bill, boom it goes up the ceiling in one night. We curtail expenses and save for future, boom the expenses overshoot in one night on clothes we will wear only once, sweets we will savor only once and distribute to others, decorations which will be there only for one night and reserved for pictures only. It all washes away in one night. WOW!

All this for a night’s glitter and someone has rightly said that all that glitters is not gold and definitely not for eternity!

Looking at the brighter side- we get to meet the forgotten friends and relatives, we get to eat the forbidden sweets, we travel enthusiastically to meet eye to eye with our festive spirits, we imbibe the fresh energy and positive attitude, we bring smiles to our sad faces, we go out the extra mile to feel festive and happy.

But all this, does it really matter to GOD? Is it the true essence of “Let there be lights”? Is it the right way to approach things? There can be countless possibilities.

For now,  I can only say that “Let there be light” and leave it to your imagination of what Life Around You can enlighten us with.

Embrace the Life Near You!





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