Don’t They Pray.

Disclaimer- I am an atheist and this is not to disturb anyone’s views or sentiments.

This thought came to my mind during one of the train journeys. I was looking outside the window and observing the changing landscape when i saw a small settlement of people.The entire settlement would have been on a rough patch of about 1000 sq ft,  housing structures were tents made of plastic waste, scavengers were hovering around and there were shallow water deposits with kids playing on mud structures. We passed it in jiffy but the image remained in my mind.

I got curious and stream of thoughts ran through my mind as to who are these people, where do they belong?  why are they living like this? and plenty more considering the scenario but it all drilled down to one question which titled this note- Don’t they pray?

I do not know as to why this particular thought came to my mind as i am an atheist but it just did. Don’t they pray to get out of this situation? Or aren’t they praying enough? Are their prayers not reaching the right spot? I know there are always such sections of society which leads to these questions but what happened here? Are prayers irrelevant? or like they said in a famous Bollywood movie that “prayers are landing on a wrong number”. How do we decipher? If we keep lingering on this thought sadness and helplessness engulfs us. Sadness for such a pity sight and helplessness for we can but just don’t do anything.

But when we come across instances such as these around us, there is one important lesson to learn which Life Near You is trying to highlight here- strength and might of the spirits of these settlements which is driving them, helping them to endure, braving the odds or evens of the world and surviving in the most unimaginable circumstances which would run a shiver down our spine.

I am not in favor of praying but i would say we should be thankful and positive for what we have and how we are blessed in ways we can’t imagine.

Keep learning and living the life for its all around you.

Blessings from Life Near You!

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