Life in a Metro !

Some journeys ought to teach us. They say we have different modes of life – living mode, learning mode, teaching mode, happy mode, festival mode, sad mode, excited more and many more but there is one particular mode which deserves a special mention is my all time favorite- the sleeping mode 🙂

The metro here is connotative to the “Metro Train” and not the city. I rarely travel by metro but during one of my recent journeys i realized how it’s not so ordinary as we think but an entire life experience which gets lost in our daily routine- the circle of life.

There are people of all ages and walks- prim & proper ones,the last survivors of the hard fought battle calling off for the day, busy ones doing their chores, pokers who poke around in other people’s matter, the loud talkers (typically the manager types), secretive ones probably the lover or mushy mushy types, self admirers who keep checking themselves in the mirror,  the smiling ones who keep trying their luck by smiling or glancing around, students discussing their subjects, gossip mongers, elderly couples holding hands patiently waiting for their turn, sleepers and my favorite are usually the young chaps sleeping peacefully ignorant of the world staring at them, music lovers who are busy listening to songs, movie buffs and many more. Happy, sad, tired, anxious, sleepy, dreaming, lost and poker faces are a usual sight.

As soon as the door opens, fresh pool of people pour in and the madness is hard to ignore amidst the calmness of fellow travelers. There are eyeballs scanning for an inch of space open for grabs or the potential slots which might get vacant at next station. Fight is on even for the prime inlet & exit spots. No matter how brief, there is a sense of familiarity that prevails, an invisible comfort, some sort of acknowledgment for the other being around you, an unsaid welcome or an unsaid goodbye to the departing souls. Your exit from the compartment is a mixed feeling of leaving a known and entering into a unknown. Too many thing to notice around in a single journey, isn’t it? Well this is all about the Life Near You.

Keep looking for you never know when you find the life itself for its always near you.

Live The Life Near You!

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