Sadness Around – An Opportunity To Clear Your Dues!

Are too many different contextual words forming a Topic headline confusing you? Not making any sense? Or the Topic is too vague and not leading anywhere? Actually It’s part of all this. Allow me to explain the context behind these words and then i’ll take you further down the thought process to save myself from your curses 🙂

Sadness around – It’s not hard to spot. A casual look around and you will find sadness becoming a part of so many lives. Its our daily struggles, problems or routine whatever you want to term it but it is there to stay. A more careful look will even reveal the sadness behind those smiling faces who put up a bold show making us feel as losers!

An Opportunity – We all have multiple things to do but what we do not realize is this wonderful opportunity to reduce this sadness a bit, to create a light moment and spread happiness around. Becoming a part of the better world is what’s needed and more importantly an early thinker towards a bigger good.

Clear you Dues – This has definitely to do something with Karma, right? Is this the first thought in your mind? Well, You are right. Amidst all this chaos, you can add some brownie points to your karma 🙂 sounds a win- win deal. Yes, it is!

Moving to the main part.

Right from our homes to offices, friends, colleagues, relatives, known or unknown one’s we come in contact with have some reflection of this sadness. It may reflect in their faces, their behavior, their smiles, their talks or any other way but it will surely reflect. You just need to look outside of your own. You will have a hint, if not knowing or believing that some part of this person is engulfed in sadness. Now what to do next? Give him sympathy? Given him assurance? Give ears to his sadness? Give him a shoulder to crib? What to do?

The way I see it, there is a subtle opportunity to lift their spirits and create, no matter how small, but a window of time wherein they are pulled out of this sad emotion and Voila you earned yourself a brownie! Go grab em !

Is this doable? Yes, it is and in a vert effortless manner. Let’s begin from a simple exercise at home. When someone gives you a glass of water or hand over anything, a simple ‘Thank You’ with a smile will do the job. Getting up and assisting in chores will bring the much needed relief. I know how it will sound to the lazy ones but yes this much is needed 🙂 On roads, we see people selling stuff or begging. Buying a small item with a Thankful smile will instill good values of earning by hard work and will be a joyous relief. Open your arms and lend water or food to underprivileged. This will make a difference in clearing your dues.

Office premises is full of support staff who keep doing their work and at the best possible capacities.  A ‘Thank You’ pat or note at the day end will lit up their evenings.  Call up your friends or colleagues and by just watching your name flash in their phones will bring a smile and fill them up. All the bad vibes will fly off and they’ll jump in their hot gossip pants to enjoy that few minutes of conversation. Well if your number is not stored in their friends list then ‘My Dear Friend’ even Karma can’t help you 😉 Just kidding and keep trying your luck.

Making a good deed in a day is a refresher course we all need to undertake. You never know when you yourself need one.

So keep doing the good and let the universe bring it back to you for this is one opportunity we should not miss.

Live & Become the Life Near You !


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