Mighty Mountains!

Take a trip around the Aravali’s and you will just feel the awe or the calmness dawn upon you by just looking at the Mighty Mountains.

Although I am pretty much educated and know my geography lessons well but then also I can’t help but wonder – from where did these mountains come? Why are they so huge? Why do I feel at peace by just looking at them? And many such stupid questions but never mind I am in a happy state at that time 🙂

What I noticed is the might which is not their structure but a difference that they bring about by just standing at a single location for decades or probably centuries.

Don’t worry it ain’t going to be another lesson in geography. It’s a new way of looking at them just the way Life Near You talks about other things around us.

Ever noticed the nomadic tribes around these mountains even in today’s age of technology or the advancement? Aren’t these people willing to move ahead in lives ?

A small hut or house at the top will make us wonder a lot of things. How do people live there alone? How do they travel daily? Do they have electricity? Will they be watching a TV? Are they looking at us from such a height ?

We form or imagine different shapes of these mountains in our mind. You are in for a treat if you spot a small fort like structure on the top. It will send you to a different world of thoughts all together.

You glide along them rolling your eyes as if you are on a heavenly swing. Suddenly you notice water sprinklers and you feel like quenching your thirst.

Sometimes we wonder what is beyond them? What will I find if I reach at the top? I want to go hike to the top.

We follow every mountain on our journey back as if we don’t want to let go. We keep looking outside to sight them even when we are far away in the plains.

So many thoughts, emotions, wonders are invoked in us by just looking at them.

Next time you are around the mountains just look around to experience the beautiful Life Near You!

Live & Become the Life Near You!


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