Red Signal Green Signal …..

It ain’t just the traffic signal for sure but a whole new leaf out of the ordinary daily life.

Yes/no, maybe or maybe not, can or cannot, might be or might not etc are all similar connotations which we encounter daily.

But why choose such a topic? Was just crossing a traffic signal and the similarity of all the common things around just hit me. There are so many similarities that surround us but we hardly notice. All life or non life revolves around a simple concept which is binary (1 or 0). Too simple, ain’t it 🙂

Well it looks so but daily struggle or fights leave us with no choice but to ignore or become blind to such simplistic logics.

You make up your mind for something or decide something which is nothing but a green signal. You get confused or linger on for a decision which is nothing but a red signal your brain waves are stimulating.

You are happy or feel positive, nature around, the infectious laughter, eagerness, full of energy or life like they say are all green signals.

Opposite or the negative alpha is the red signal which holds us back.

Positive energy negative energy are also depictions of the green signal red signal and many more.

You must be wondering how a simple traffic signal brought out so many thoughts that it actually converged into a topic. But yes, this is what Life Near You teaches. Embrace the surroundings and you will see far beyond the obvious and most importantly the obvious itself.

So, Be & Become the Life Near You.

Insights from the Life Near You!

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