How We…….

I have deliberately left the sentence incomplete as I am sure each of us will have something or the other to fill in.

Try filling this and I am sure one of the first sentences that you will form is ‘How We Behave’.

There will be others like how we talk, how we listen, how we look, how we …. There will be many such How we’s in your life.

It doesn’t matter what you fill in. What matters is how you bring a positive vibe in it. How you improvise so that next time when this ‘how we’ comes in our life you leave an everlasting positive impact.

Usually we do not realise what we end up doing in the flow of things. We might shine out like a star or we might fade like one. We might make someone happy or we might create sadness around. It all depends on us. We are the sole energy our universe dwells on and no one else’s.

We believe we are doing the right thing and there cannot be two ways about it. But the moment we take a pause and dwell on this thought it will sync and open up the true picture of how we …… say acted at that moment.

Was it really required? Could the situation or dialogue be handled better? Did the things fall in place ? Was it the right thing to do?

Leaving you with this thought as you have to fill in all the empty slots in your life. After all you are the life near you.

Stay happy and stay enlightened !
Life Near You !

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