Time Is Up!!!

This one is inspired from a famous celebrity’s speech where the orator emphasised the need to end certain notions.

Right from the day we are born, we are fed with certain pre- defined notions governing our elder’s life. Just when a child is born and even before he/she blinks or breathes for the first time ever out of mothers womb , voila comes the most famous notion- Thank GOD!

I wonder why do we need to Thank GOD here? What did GOD do ? Did he helped father mother Mate or did he delivered the baby ?

This notion of Thanking GOD is there with us all our lives. We will not thank our elders, not our families, not our friends, not our associates, not our colleagues, not our employees, not our driver, not our maid, not our shopkeeper, no one actually but we will Thank GOD !

Then when the kids grow they are exposed to many such notions at home or school which tames their thoughts and fears. There is complete oblivion to seeking logic or rationale behind a notion. Just that it exists, so live with it.

But have we wondered for how long will this continue? Will the coming generations have to necessarily deal with same notions that their predecessors have known. Is this the legacy we leave behind or let them develop their own notions out of knowledge, experience and harmony?

I say that Time Is Up! Yes, I would like to put an end to all such notions which do not let us progress, or bind us to act or behave in a manner we do not desire.

Time Is Up for all of us have to now think ahead and move into future.
Time Is Up for all of us have to now ring in the future and let coming generations decide on their own.

Time Is Up ! Time Is Up !
Think and put an end to all that holds us back as life is much more than these notions.

Look around and you will find your own notion to live with.

Peace out !
Life Near You 🙂


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