Hooka & Paranthas

Weird combo right ? But it does exist. The flavour of different culinary parantha delights alongside the smoky hookah is not only a strange thought but a unique feel altogether.

I did not believe until I visited this place which was built on this concept alone.
I quickly ordered a parantha and of-course the hookah. Bit confused though on which one to hit first but nonetheless parantha lead the way.

A bite of parantha and a puff of hookah was way too cool to handle amidst the hanky lanky neighbourhood crowd. It was quite evident to notice that people were taking it as if this was a regular thing of today’s. Am I the only one feeling odd was a constant thought in my mind. But who cared when hooka puff’s were doing the rounds and paranthas were soothing the taste buds.

All of us were talking about our own subjects relishing the atmosphere created with the deadly combo. The cold winds and open roof was cherry on the top. Another round of paranthas and hooka was ordered for the finishing touches and the happy feeling was too hard to let go.

While leaving we all took time to soak in the time spent and bid farewell to the memory created by this ordinary place.

I thought to myself, how ordinary places can create extraordinary memories and give way to such wonderful concepts bringing a difference to everyday lives.

Wonders shown by Life Near Us!

Be and become the Life Near You 🙂
Adios !!!!

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