Art Of Ignorance!

I cannot help but wonder how we turn a blind eye or pretend to be ignorant. It does not imply that we do not care, just that it comes out so casual that it tends to make us believe that it’s an Art ‘To be Ignorant’.

I happened to be in the hospital’s labor room during my baby’s birth process and the scene there left me with many questions.

Do the doctors not hear the cries of would be mothers?
Do they don’t care ?
How can nurses laugh at the pain of girls crying in labor ?
Nurses discuss who is making more noise, really ? Can they truly be so heartless ?

Doctor, nurses and staff there work so casually as if they are completely ignorant or do not hear a single cry.
I was standing beside my wife and feeling helpless to have her go through that pain. I walked to the doctor and asked her to proceed with operation and do not wait for natural birth but to my dismay doctor said I do not hear any cries and will not budge. I know my profession better. If only operation was to be done then you could have chosen another doctor. I am here for healthy delivery.

There were many other things related to post delivery health concerns and benefits of a natural delivery that made me realise that doctors are not ignorant or turning a blind eye. It’s their job to deal with so much pain and agony so that patient is benefited.

It is not a casual thing at all. It’s an ‘Art’ they developed overtime. The Art of Ignorance.

We all exercise it one way or the other but do not realise until it hits us. I do not encourage any child labor as I know it might fulfil their immediate need but future is spoiled forever. Similarly we see children begging in streets and the more we give them the more children you see in streets the next day. To discourage such acts we become blind and turn deaf to their plights asking for money. That’s when we exercise this Art of Ignorance. We have plenty of similar ignorance experiences around in schools, markets, offices and for that matter in our daily lives. We are completely aware and sympathise but don’t want to act.

I try to relate and learn from experiences around hence opening to this idea of Life Near You. There is no better teacher than life.

So Be & Become the Life Near You!

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