A Good Heart

Recently saw a movie and while I was on my way out, a thought hit me which was one of the key takeaways of the day for me.

Somehow it’s s habit now that I look for positive cues when I finish a movie. It helps me link regular routine things with a larger picture. The thought was quite simple and yet powerful enough to put my mind to work. Imagine going through a 2 hour show of a cinematic marvel and coming out with only one thought. I am sure that I was not even close to what the director had in mind when he must be in the process of bringing this story to life. After all, it was his story and perspective to build the way he wanted. I was just trying my luck to see if my thought anywhere resonated to his thought pool.

Nonetheless, it’s what hit me and I find it to be quite relevant and noble In today’s world. There are plenty of things that keep us at bay and plenty more to keep us sane. It’s upto us on the kind of choices we make and these choices in turn shape our actions. Actions which define the way we lead our lives hereon. I am just glad that I had this thought which added to my perspective of life around me. In a way it sounded more like me or the things I keep indicating through my writings. There are certain changes we all should imbibe in our life that keeps us going no matter what.

The thought was:

A good heart can even change the will of the Devil !

Live on, live fully, for you are the Life around you.

Be & Become The Life Near You!

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