Writer’s Thoughts!

Life Near You, seems or sounds like a gyan thing right?

It might or might not be, choice is yours.

Let your thoughts float freely to absorb and go with the flow.

For a moment let that be the only thought in you to “be & become” the Life Near You!

A lot goes around us which is often ignored or treated to be normal.  A short pause and a brief thought on that particular moment can help you discover something beautiful.

Take roads for an instance.

Travel is essential to all  and we do it daily like pro’s.

Look at any fellow passenger and pause for a brief to capture and process that moment.

You might find him smiling, you might find him acknowledging your gaze, you might find him honking, you might find him on phone, you might find him cruising through, you might find him poking on other’s windows or probably fighting with flies or sweat, there can be endless possibilities.

But what that brief pause will let you discover is a new perspective which you might have experienced or never thought off earlier.

Say he smiles at you, you might feel a positive vibe flowing to you which makes you smile back. This is a simple fact that life near you teaches – Flow of positive energy.

You might also feel inquisitive as to why he smiled back at you which will make you run through memory archives to process the identity. This is but a simple fact of figuring out a less familiar or probably an unknown face that life near you teaches – Remembering your forgotten ones.

Both the above thoughts will leave you happy in one way or another.

Well that’s what is the thought behind observing the Life Near You!

So Live and Become the Life Near You!